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Lipotox Weighy Losss Accelerate Extreme 7 Day

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Lipotox extreme 7 day is a continuation of the most successful slimming product Lipotox. The pack contains 16 sachets (bag-doses). You can combine this new beverage composition of tablets Lipotox. The results are apparent from the first 7 days.
Lipotox extreme 7 day.
Lipotox extreme 7 day contains 16 sachets (sachet). We use a bag every other day alone or in combination with Lipotox tabl 70.

What makes weight loss program LIPOTOX so unique?
LIPOTOX EXTREME 7 DAY is a unique formulation that aims to effectively overcoming the key barriers that many people face when losing weight. It has 4 unique advantages, thanks to which you will have immediate results within 7 days.
After supplying the newest effects of the GLOBAL HEALTH company by purchasing Lipotox 7 Day, you'll find a code on the package to use on the website to get more information about the program.

Guidelines and Tips
LIPOTOX EXTREME must not be taken if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
-Not recommended for persons under 18 years.
-If you are over 65, consult your doctor before you start, and ask them to check you and tell you what program and what diet is most suitable for you.
-If you have any problems with the gallbladder, gout, heart problems, kidney or liver problems, or if you suffer from any serious illness, tell your doctor before you start and ask them to check you and tell you which program is most suitable for you.
-If you are taking medication for high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol levels or receiving lithium treatment,  you should visit your doctor regularly to monitor your progress. (Many people who attended this program, lost significant weight, which has improved their health and lead to a reduction or discontinuation of medications from their physicians).
-You should try to include a program of regular light exercise to improve your quality of life.


For the city of Lamia, products shipment is done the same day if the products are all available in the pharmacy. If there is a product shortage, the delivery time can be 1-2 days. In case of longer delay, we contact you and inform you about the exact time of delivery. Products shipment is free at working days between 8.00 and 21.00. Before the products delivery, a telephone appointment is arranged, at a time that suits both the Pharmacy’s Delivery Department and the client.

Rest of Greece

For the rest of Greece, products delivery is done at your place by courier the next day. For some remote areas, delivery time can reach 2 days. If any product is not available at the pharmacy, the waiting time can reach 3-4 days. In case of a delay more than four days, our staff comes in contact with you. For orders more than 39 Euros, shipping is free. For orders less than 39 Euros shipping cost is 2.50 Euros. In case you choose to pay with cash on delivery, there is an extra charge 1.5 €. (For orders over 39 Euros, there is no extra charge by paying with cash on delivery).

Shipping to Cyprus

Shipping is completed in 2 – 3 working days via courier agency and shipping costs are EUR 15 for orders up to 2kg.In case the order is over 2kg, please contact us to inform you for the shipping cost. Moreover, in case you choose to pay with cash on delivery, shipping cost is 5 Euros.

Shipping abroad

Shipping abroad is done via post. Shipping cost is 9.99 Euros for packages up to 1kg. For packages over 1kg, please contact us. The order payoff should precede the shipping.

More information

In some remote areas, shipping by courier is still not available way. In that case, shipping is done via post and cash on delivery is not valid as payment method. For the exact cost of your order, Pharmacy2go will contact you in advance.If you want to get your order by courier, shipping charge changes and Pharmacy2go will contact you to inform you about the exact charge.

For orders over 3kg and more bulky packages, Pharmacy2go will contact you in advance, because shipping costs vary.

Heavy items are delivered by transport agency (receipt from the headquarters of the agency). In that case there is no option to pay with cash on delivery.

The order payoff should precede the shipping. Order payoff via bank deposit into one of our bank accounts should precede.



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